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○☺Lets Dream☺○

○☺Sa Yume Mimashou☺○

Gia Ananiah
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•Gia Ananiah

•Throw me a gift on January 26, 95

•Foods <33333333

•i love eating

•i sleep at least 9-12hours a day or i would get brutally tired and irritated, that's just some of my Flaws cause like everyone im not perfect and im fine with it :D

•I'm a wanna be epic Asian, just pointing that out if it wasn't obvious enough.

•i love ice creams <33

•I eat ice cream with a fork :P

•I'm obsess with Asian Culture, FTW!!

•first thing ill do is go to those fancy big Ice cream shops and taste every single ice cream ones i set my foot in Korea.

•I like lying down on the floor in the middle of the room with the windows wide open while staring at the ceiling. its relaxing. ^-^ P.s I'm weird.

•I wanna get lost with my friends in Tokyo and eat some real freaking sushi and take millions of pictures with strangers with there awesome clothes in Harajuku city.

•I hate it when someone knocks in your door like someones dying -.-

•i can speak Tagalog and i use to be able to speak Mandarin Chinese but i sort of forgot now >.< i can speak a bit of Korean and understand a bit of Spanish, i understand Japanese though i have trouble speaking it and i cant read there writings yet. :P

•Sometimes Loud unexpected/random noises scares the humanity out of me like tires screeching, loud fall, a random scream of agony or panic, I mean.. OMFG WTF MATE? :O

•i'm going to buy the newest technology that's not available here in America ones i reach China & Japan, i dont care if i dont know how to use it..... im pretty sure that thing will be awesome anyway :D

•I use the word "like Humanity" in a sentence a lot and i usually say it when I'm referring to something bad. lame example..."what the heck! your freaking breath stinks like humanity"~

•I'm going to eat every food that Taiwan, Philippines, China, Japan and Korea has to offer! >:D as long as there not gross :P ......well who knows o.0