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Gia Ananiah
27 June 2010 @ 07:42 pm
This was late XD cause i suck at remembering that LJ still exist :/

but anyway I made this for laile_x_yabu as a prize for finally updating one of her story :)
bribing technique, FTW!.

i know.. ;)  "Gia why are you so desperately awesome?"  haha maybe because im not XD
Gia Ananiah
25 June 2010 @ 08:26 pm
 i just seriously had to XD im sorry XDD

Gia Ananiah
13 October 2009 @ 10:19 pm
Yay my very first line art of ChiiTaro!..
well it can be a Yamada/Ryutaro too..
XD whichever one works best. :D



Here the link for the original size:[
Click here ]

it was inspired of uumhh i forgot which magazine,Duet i think 0.o ehh  whatever but
it was his POV XD

I dont have a Tablet so its all done by a mouse! :D
it was inspired by *cough*Nickasaur *cough* too XD
and it took me 2 1/2 hours to do it, even though its not that great -.-

But I hope you guys like it :DD

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Gia Ananiah
01 September 2009 @ 12:42 pm
So everyone knows how i missed every possible event this year the Comic con the Warped Tour etc...
and Johnny-san still wont release a new album of Hey!Say!JUMP that i would probably wont be able to buy as always. As a 14years old girl who doesnt have the ability to buy stuff in the internet without her parents creditcard permission im powerless.
but lets try to tip the world upside down okay! Nakajima Kira or Dadevilbesideyou is holding a HeySayContest
were you get to win all Hey!Say!JUMP album!!!!! :D the contest ended yesterday the 31st. and obviously i entered.

so im really hoping to win!! it kinda sounds impossible since a lot of the people who entered are really good :)
but to be honest ive never bought or got anything in the internet my whole life ! and having a HSJ album as my very first one sounds
really memorable :) hellz yeah, right!?. :D

but anyway i sang and dance and sketch and acted and mmmhhmm did a fanvid/clip. 0.o
P.s I sketched Hikaru :))


i dont know why i sketched him 0.o probably because he has the easiest face to draw XD
lol it doesnt really look like him but hey! its not that bad >.<

watch my Video entry....Collapse )
p.s i want those pictures and waiwai version of HSJ that was on the stick XD
well anyway ill let everyone know who won ones Kari announce it and
Goodluck to Carrotikah you guys are amazing <3


Carrotikah won!! congrats :))

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Gia Ananiah
21 August 2009 @ 09:51 pm
i dont think this week is going to get any sadder than this.
Ill be watching the time pass by every second in Sunday knowing that
I AM missing the LAST greatest tour party of 2009.
Shoot dude! Sunday is the last day of warped tour and i was suppose to go
and i was really close of buying the tickets today too until i found out that
my parents cant give me a ride to Carson! SHAIYT!!! FUDGE!!!BAJIVIS!!!GGGGggrrr!!!
(its what i say when im mad/sad/disappointed or whatever instead of cussing -.- yes im such an angel)

Goodbye PAUL my Babycakes,you know you'll always be in my heart even
if i cant go to warped tour :"( im just going to have to fly to UK.
not only that i wont be able to buy a shirt that says "i party with BBCYKS in warped tour" which you can only buy
in Warped Tour! i wont be able to meet my all time favorite bands like Saosin, Silverstain, Skylit Drive, All time low, breathe Carolina...

I already hate how i missed San Diego Comic con the one that i was suppose to go to 2months ago
until someone ditched me for philippines i mean it would have been all fine...... if i went to Comic con and not warped tour
or i went to warped tour and not comic con, its okay BUT NO I DIDNT GO TO BOTH!!! Sunday is going to SUCK really bad for me.
and ive been planning on going since June.
**crawls in her bed**

thats enough im going to sleep.
Good night.
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Gia Ananiah
18 August 2009 @ 10:55 pm
I havent logged on to Imeem since....i dont know....2006?
so today i actually went to go check on it and i was amaze on how i still remember my Password XD
but im more amaze on how my playlist 3years ago are soooo much different from what i have now!!
and my heart just burst out into happiness when i heard one of the songs of my all time favorite boy group that ive totally
forgotten until i heard it again >.<.

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome...the Group that i went obsessed for at least 4years...F4!!!
:DDDDDDDD i love them and i totally forgot how much i loved Vanness Wu.

519f.jpg Vanness Wu 11 image by babybear58821159352952_f466050bbe_o.jpg vanness wu image by kaisha_10
His my Ex-husband, and i know! how can i divorce such Read more...Collapse )

Speaking of playing....

I well me and my brother and dad GOT A NEW GUITAR!!!!!!!! :D we we have to share :)
100_0272.jpg image by CHSpaintballer2http://www.elderly.com/images/new_instruments/20N/F325HC_headstock-front.jpg

Look at this baby!!! its a Yamaha F325!!! <3 it sounds awesome :D
and my dad finally bought a Capo so i can play a Nevershoutnever song :)
so i have aFind out how many instruments i have XDCollapse )

**Sigh** today's actually a good day :))
and i should totally go to sleep too or get myself to start writing my Chapter6 Fic story from winglin.
so Oyasuminasai!!! :D

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Current Music: Cant Help falling in Love by F4